Advanced Composition

Learn how to apply music theory conepts into your compositions, deconstruct top EDM hits and classics, make all the instruments work together in your tracks.

  • Foundations Review: Circle of fifths and camelot wheel. Advanced Modes. How to use your knowledge of maj/min/modes to create a more diverse track that heightens the storyline by accentuation major and minor to intensify the mood. Hierarchy of scale. tonic, dominant, leading tone. Learn who is friendly and who brings tension and who brings release. what are consonances and what are dissonances. Intervals- the use of them in melody, harmony, vocal harmony. Interval Inversions.
  • How to write strong melodies?
  • How to write strong chord progressions?
  • Counterpoint, and tricks for when you get stuck
  • Orchestration and song structure: Orchestration and its power. Learn concepts that will give illusion of your track getting bigger or smaller. How to add instruments to build your mix
  • Chorus and Codas: The Evolutions of a Chorus. Why a Bridge/Coda is a must. How it will take your track to the next level and create a much stronger drop.
  • Composition Writing: Melody and Harmony. How to compose a relatable chord progression to your pre-existing melody. How to compose a relatable melody to your chord progression. How to compose a bassline from your melody. How to compose a bassline from your chord progression.
  • Student Tracks: Bring students tracks in help fatten them up or arrange them


About Kristin Hevner

Kristin Hevner’s compositions have been performed nationally and internationally and span the musical genres of classical opera, electronic dance music, and atonal rock.

Kristin has also composed music for Oprah and Deepak Chopra — as well as for national commercials including GEICO and numerous independent films. Her music has been performed in Carnegie Hall, Birdland and in conjunction with La Scala in Milan.

As former Composer-in-residence the new NYC-based opera company, Metropolis Opera Project, Kristin penned four full-length contemporary operas that have been recently performed off-Broadway.

Kristin holds degrees from The Ester Boyer School of Music at Temple University, The Graduate Center of the City University of New York, and the School for Audio Engineering (SAE), NYC.

Kristin also served on the board of directors for “The Look and Listen Festival,” an annual event dedicated to the performance of contemporary music in art galleries.


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