Sound Design II

Self-study video course with weekly Open Office Hours (for Questions and Answers, course discussion and Live Feedback)




If you already have a solid understanding of synthesis but you are looking for a way to improve your sounds, this course is for you.
The goal here is to get you going with advanced and innovative types of synthesis such as Granular Synthesis, Physical Modelling, Spectral Processing and the exciting worlds of Additive Sound-Design.

You will learn to use a range of different processing techniques and dive deep into the inner workings of sound.

And once you are there, the sonic possibilities are pretty amazing!


Instructor: Jor van der Poel

"Hi my name is Jor, and I love exploring and teaching sound.

I play guitar and am classically trained in piano and drums.(The rumors are true, you can get a classical degree in drums).

Over the years I have been a preset designer, course creator, and trainer for many different companies including my own Sound-Design community, Sound-Freqs.
As a private teacher, I help people around the world about playing piano, sound design, music theory, creative habits, music hacks, and a whole lot more.

One of my favorite things in the world is getting a new synth and exploring what it can do, our technology is getting more powerful every day and the sonic possibilities are almost endless. (Don’t worry, I am here to help!)
I am always looking for new ways to create sounds and I use pretty much any software you can get your hands on, including some high-end environments such as CDP, SuperCollider, Csound, and MetaSynth.

Besides that, I am a total music theory nerd and I love combining classical music with heavy duty sound-design.

As a side project, I am currently working on a Physical Modeling synthesizer that responds to live input and does some clever audio analysis (On good days at least, it’s a stubborn little lad)"


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